Blood and Kisses: A Tale of A Vampire, an Angel, Loneliness, Love and Sex (Vampire Love Book 1) (English Edition)

A vampire. An angel. A corrupt and violent desert city in the 21st Century…

BLOOD AND KISSES is a modern vampire tale like no other—terrifying, erotic, heartfelt, and darkly funny.

Phoenix, Arizona, is a surprisingly good place to be a vampire. No villagers chasing you with crosses or staking you through the heart when you’re trying to get some sleep. You don’t have to hide what you are—you can go around telling everybody you’re a vampire, and most of them think you’re in a live action role playing game.

Holly is a typical LARP girl playing at being a vampire, except for one thing—she actually is one. She’s dealing with loneliness and boredom, trying to hold down a job in a convenience store (night shift, of course) and keep her shrink from having her locked in the state hospital…

Then her supply of donated blood gets cut off, and she’s forced to hunt—and her hunger for blood and for love come together.

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